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We at Implema are passionate about accelerating the digitalization of the Swedish industry and to contribute to creating a more sustainable industry with new opportunities for both growth and value creation. By working closely with our customers in their digital journey, we help them to open their eyes to a world of new possibilities and inspire them to try new things and adopt new ways of working. Together, we can explore new business opportunities and develop business driven digital strategies, roadmaps, and actions for implementation.

Digital transformation is a major change and affects, people, processes how an organization uses technology in the pursuit of new business models and new revenue streams.

A large part of the Swedish industry consists of well-run medium-sized companies who strive for improving their business through digitalization. Many of these companies have successfully already embarked in the digitalization journey together with Implema e.g., through investing in future modern, futureproof platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP S/4HANA.

Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP S/4HANA opens a world of new possibilities to optimize existing businesses, improve interaction with customers and partners while explore completely new business opportunities.  To capture the full potential of these powerful platforms requires also rethinking your current way of operating.

Jörgen Aronsson
Jörgen Aronsson, CEO and one of the founders of Implema

Strategic resources to drive digital transformation

Jörgen Aronsson, CEO and one of the founders of Implema. He believes that many of the mid-size companies in the Implema’s customer segment lack the resources and know how needed to independently invest in strategic resources to drive the digital transformation.

Our customers’ message to me and to Implema is clear. They want more of Implema and more support in analyzing and understanding the possibilities of how all the new technology can be used. They also want to move on from established processes and methods.

Ilkka Dunder Chief Digital Officer
Ilkka Dunder, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Business Consultant at Implema

Ilkka Dunder, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Business Consultant at Implema. His mission will include supporting customers with their digital transformation journey. Working closely together with the customer’s business organization, IT department and partners, we will support the develop of joint digital strategies and provide practical step by step advice for maximizing the value of their digital endeavors.

Things move very fast, and we have recently engaged with several interesting customer cases where we have had the opportunity to help our customers with everything from exploring business cases to choosing future systems, says Ilkka Dunder. This is only the beginning of an accelerating journey. There is an enormous potential among Implema’s customers where we can guide, inspire and facilitate in order to accelerate value creation harnessing the power of digitalization.

Gain competitive advantage

Ilkka Dunder has long experience of leading digital transformation, sales, operations, and innovation both in Sweden and internationally. He has previously held the role of Director Digitalization of Services at Tetra Pak Services. A company that is at the forefront of digitalization.

He believes that there are many similarities in how to approach digitalization both in large companies, and in small/medium sized businesses. What is different is the amount of resources and the agility of the organization.

Larger companies usually have access to more resources, but at the same time they have a much greater transformational challenges with usually slower decision-making speed, and the shear size of the organization requiring a larger critical mass of employees who need to embrace change. Small and medium-sized companies have many times a quicker decision making and there is a higher acceptance for change. In the digital economy speed is a competitive advantage and hence an opportunity for smaller companies to gain competitive advantages.

Bridging the gap between the business and the technology

Moreover, it is seldom the technology that sets the limits, says Ilkka Dunder. Technical know-how and solutions are readily available. Implema who is a partner Microsoft and SAP is one of the companies which can help you with your digital journey.

What is important is to bridge the gap between the business and the technology. The end result is always a business outcome and hence it is important to create a common vision between Business and IT early on.

Challenge to keep up with the speed of change

A challenge for all companies is to keep up with the speed of change around us. The last year has proven that the pace of digitalization has accelerated, and things like e.g. remote working has in a year’s time become the norm. More changes will happen, and the pace of change will continue. hence it is important to dare to act.

If you have not already started your digitalization journey, we can help you to get started. Any journey starts by setting a direction and taking small steps towards the objective. Along the journey it is important to regularly evaluate progress, learning and if needed to adjust says Ilkka Dunder.

Must important thing of all it to dare to start …

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