Avensia, the modern commerce specialist, is is streamlining operations with a new group-wide business system. In close collaboration with Implema, Avensia has rolled out Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations across 10 companies in six countries . Next up are Project Operations and HR. In this video, Avensia project manager Nathalie Torshall and CFO Anders Wehtje, talk about the partnership with Implema and how the new ERP system will support their growth.
Avensia AB
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Avensia goes live with a group-wide platform for growth

Avensia provides innovative e-commerce solutions and strategies for modern commerce, helping B2C and B2B companies across the globe achieve long-term success. The business is today a group of 10 companies with operations in Sweden, Norway, USA, UK and The Philippines .

Avensia teams up with Implema

As the company grew, it became clear that better coordination across the group was required. Avensia had outgrown many of its existing business processes, and with different business and finance systems in use across the group, coordinating operations was becoming increasingly difficult. Avensia needed a modern ERP system to meet the demands of a growing, global business.

Searching for a suitable partner, Implema soon emerged as the front-runner. Implema’s speedy implementation approach, taking maximum advantage of standard functionality and minimizing system modifications, appealed to Avensia as it matched their own way of working.

Avensia selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 due to its user-friendly interface, scalability and powerful applications. The project team created a template for Finance and Operations based on the Swedish business and rolled it out to the subsidiaries in stages. The new ERP system simplifies financial planning and helps Avensia to monitor and follow up on activities and processes. As a result, the company now enjoys streamlined financial operations across the entire business.

A pandemic digital project

The project was delivered almost entirely online, with Implema consultants only on-site in Lund on a few occasions.

With a pragmatic approach and Implema’s unique methodology, “Implema Way”, Avensia was able to quickly implement a scalable business system, ideally suited for its growing global operations. The fast and efficient step-by-step approach also meant there was minimal disruption to the business.

The global project will move into its next phase in June 2022 with the implementation and rollout of Project Operations and HR. We look forward to continued successful collaboration.Avensia creates winners in modern commerce. The talented team provides businesses with tailored strategies and the best technology for e-commerce, omnichannel, customer experience, and information management. With over 20 years of experience and 350 experts in modern commerce, Avensia has the experience and know-how to help B2C and B2B companies in Europe, North America and APAC accelerate growth. Read more at avensia.se.

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