Atlas Antibodies selects Microsoft Dynamics 365 and partner Implema

Atlas Antibodies, a Swedish Life Science company based in Stockholm, has selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Implema to streamline its processes and support its extremely fast growth.

The company have since its foundation in 2006 made a journey from a start-up company to an international player with 98% of the sales in export from more than 60,000 products aimed for researchers in industry and academia. 

John Daicic, PhD and CEO at Atlas Antibodies, expects Microsoft Dynamics 365 to further support the growth and strengthen the profitability by its scalability and flexibility. 

– After a short Proof Of Concept we selected Implema as our implementation partner due to their track record of high quality implementation projects with unique experience and competence in the Life Science industry which is very important to us.

Atlas Antibodies are looking to replace a number of various systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365. A key area is efficient product information management due to the high volume of different products. 

Implema is a leading specialist in implementing business systems fast and with unique experience and competence within life science. 

– We are very proud of being selected as a trusted partner to Atlas Antibodies and are looking forward to a long-term and profitable partnership, says Jörgen Aronsson, CEO Implema 

Atlas Antibodies has a very special story. The company was founded by researchers from the prestigious Human Protein Atlas project, who wanted to make the unique antibodies used in the project available to fellow researchers worldwide. 

It is a unique world leading effort to create a complete immunohistochemistry based map of human protein expression and localization in normal tissues, cancers and cell lines.

More information

John Daicic, CEO Atlas Antibodies

e-mail: john.daicic@atlasantibodies.com
phone: +46 (0) 70 632 11 06

Jörgen Aronsson, CEO Implema
e-mail: jorgen.aronsson@implema.se

phone: +46 (0) 70 644 84 18

About Atlas Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies started 2006 as a start-up from the Human Protein Atlas project, and has since the start successfully launched more than 60,000 products for protein research. 

The company was founded by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and the Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala University in Uppsala to handle the production, marketing and sales of research tools developed by the Swedish-based Human Protein Atlas program. 

Today the company offers four product lines: Triple A Polyclonals, PrecisA Monoclonals, PrEST Antigens and QPrESTs. QPrESTs are mass spectrometry standards for absolute quantification of proteins.  


About  Implema

Implema is Sweden’s leading specialist in implementing business systems fast and developing sustainable business processes, working with market leading products from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP. 

The company work with customers of all sizes and in many industries and most of them operate internationally. With more than 20 years in business Implema is experienced in implementing projects in enterprises of varying size and complexity often with entities worldwide.

Implema has offices in eleven Swedish cities with headquarters in Stockholm. The company was founded in 1998, has 120 employees and an annual turnover of 200 million Swedish kronor. 


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